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Green Home Grants

The Government has released more details of the Green Homes Grant Scheme almost one month after it was announced by the Chancellor. The announcement so early when the scheme wasn’t due to launch until September was confusing and difficult for both businesses and customers alike.

In reality for customers this scheme is likely to offer very little help or assistance. The reasons being the following:

• Only those who are upgrading from SINGLE glazing to double or triple glazing or installing secondary glazing will be able to claim funding under this scheme
• Only those who had doors fitted (and can prove this) before 2002 would be able to claim funding for replacement doors and it would be subject to;
• The amount of grant assistance for glazing cannot be more than the value of initial measures which will need to be completed first – these would be different types of insulation (loft, cavity etc) and/or low carbon heating.

So in summary unless you live in a single glazed house with no floor, wall or loft insulation that is heated by an ancient oil fired boiler – this scheme is unlikely to give you anything exciting. Worse still we’re aware of several scams now operating about the Green Homes Grant so please take care if anyone contacts you about the scheme or if you come across any “application forms” online.

The good thing is that we’re experts at all things windows, doors and garden studios so if you’ve been putting plans on hold awaiting further information on the Green Home Grant now is the time to contact us to get the ball rolling.

We can’t offer a grant (as much as we’d love to!) but we can offer you up to 20% off this August!

You can find more information about the Green Homes Grant here: