Lumi Windows & Doors

Welcome to the frameless revolution.
Let Lumi light the way.

Introducing Lumi x Signature

Lumi’s clean lines add modern elegance and cutting-edge sophistication to your home’s exterior. They look amazing from the inside too, mainly because you can’t see them at all. Super-slim sight lines accentuate the panorama – nothing comes between you and your view.

Explore The Lumi x Signature Range


Lumi won’t just transform your home’s appearance, it will also improve its security and efficiency.

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Lift & Slide Doors

Lumi doors effortlessly bring the outside in when the weather is good and keep it outside when it isn’t.

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French Doors

Connecting the interior of your home with a patio, deck or pathway has never looked this good. The same sleek, flat lines of Lumi’s window collection take centre stage in our elegant French Doors.

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Lumi x Signature Windows 

Gust Proof Hinges

Lock Lumi in place when it’s open and that’s exactly where it stays, no matter how strong the wind blows.

Super-Secure Protection 

Lumi has a steel reinforced internal structure to keep what’s outside where it belongs.

Virtually Airtight

Double gasket technology seals Lumi in place, making it much more energy efficient than framed windows.

Great To Look At. Easy To Look After.

Lumi’s stunning flat design has no dirt traps, making it simple to keep clean.

Yale Rapide Locks

Sitting flush within the window edge, Yale’s latest Rapide system engages the full length of the lock for ultimate security.

Edge to Edge

With Lumi's unique bonded glass design, you get edge to edge glass an minimal frame. 

Lumi x Signature Life & Slide Doors 


Lumi lift and slide doors glide open on precision engineered components.


Designed and built far beyond police recommended standards.


Lumi lift and slide doors are available up to 8.5m wide, up to 2.6m high and in either two or four pane configurations. 


Lumi x Signature French Doors 


Anti-leverage intruder-proof hinges are bolted onto a steel reinforced frame that exceeds all police security standards.

Designer Furniture

Choose from a range of carefully considered and crafted handles and lock surrounds.

Virtually Airtight 

Double rubber gasket seals keep noise and bad weather outside, while locking in warmth.

Lumi x Signature Colours 

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