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Flush windows

One of the biggest challenges we must solve in the world of double-glazing sales is “what window should I choose!”. We live in a day and age where you can pick as many grey colours as there are hours in the day, anthracite grey, slate grey, elephant grey!!! It could turn your hair grey just thinking about it!! Then we start on what design window you want to choose, casement, flush, composite!! HELP!!!

The first challenge to hurdle is to work out what your budget is and how we can get your project to be affordable. We don’t ask about your budget to try and sell you the premium products (we aren’t a national company), we ask to make sure we can get you what you want! We are here to help. We can then help you with the product you want and with your budget in mind, we will make suggestions, whilst showing you examples of previous installations and brochures. We listen to your every need.

The second challenge is to choose a colour of the window. Sometimes this is simple, you may want to replicate your existing windows, but with a modern design and much better energy ratings. Sometimes you’ll want to switch to a contemporary colour, but you’re not certain it’ll look fantastic. Panic no more, we don’t only carry colour charts for all our products, we can design the window in any available colour, and digitally impose it on your house with our software! It really is so helpful in helping you make that decision!

The third challenge is to get the finer details correct, handles, glass, finishing, to make sure YOU are happy, and to give you time to decide. Sometimes you’ll proceed, other times, you’ll want to compare with competitors. It is your choice. We always want your business and will provide a great service, just look at our TrustPilot rating and reviews. Come and enjoy the ‘Signature Experience’ you won’t be disappointed.

By Tom Houston – Sales Specialist at Signature Home Improvements.